Ideas for Music in Gospel Study

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

These are some ways you might use more music—or use music more effectively—in your gospel study and lessons. If you have other ideas to share, please send them my way!

  • You can have formal opening and closing songs—but you don’t have to, and it doesn’t have to be limited to that.
  • Use both the hymns and the primary songs, no matter your age or audience. Children can learn and love hymns, and adults often love children’s songs and are affected by the simple, straightforward messages.
  • Memorize a song that goes with the topic—pick one song for the week and sing it every day/morning & evening, etc.
  • Study the lyrics of a hymn or children’s song on the topic and the scriptures that go with it. Journal about what you learn.
  • As part of your lesson, sing a hymn or primary song—use it as a jumping off point to study or discuss a topic.
  • Print an inspirational line or stanza from a hymn to put up on the wall during the week.
  • Learn a new song that you don’t know. You can listen to it on the Sacred Music app or the online music player (hymns or children’s songs) for several days in a row.
  • Sing a different song each day that goes with the topic.
  • Have each family member pick a hymn or children’s song to perform/present on the topic and explain why they chose it.
  • Treat the lyrics as poetry. Read them in gospel library or online without the sheet music. Read it out loud, the way poetry is best enjoyed! You may find that different phrases and meanings stand out to you in this way than by singing or reading silently.
  • Make a playlist of songs related to the week’s topic and play it as background music in your home (see the Resources page to find out which of the church apps can help you do this).
  • Find lots of different arrangements/recordings of one song to listen to, sing, or play. See the Resources page for places where you might find sheet music and audio/video recordings.
  • Choose a song at random from the weekly Come, Follow Me music list— sing it, then briefly discuss how it is connected to the week’s study. All of the songs on the weekly lists are numbered so that you can even just say “pick a number between 1 and 17” to choose one to sing.
  • For more ideas from the Church and others, see the Resources page.
Young girl singing while holding an open hymnbook