April 25–May 1, 2022 Come, Follow Me Songs

“My Presence Shall Go with Thee”

Exodus 24; 31–34

My covenants show my willingness to obey God’s law. (Exodus 24:1–11)

  1. I Will Be Valiant CS162
  2. *Quickly I’ll Obey 197b
  3. *I Want to Live the Gospel CS148
  4. My Covenant Path
  5. Jesus, Mighty King in Zion  H234
  6. Baptism CS100, especially verse 3

Sin is turning away from God, but He offers a way back. (Exodus 32–34)

  1. Help Me, Dear Father CS99 verse 2
  2. *Repentance CS98
  3. Who’s on the Lord’s Side? H260
  4. Ye Simple Souls Who Stray H118, especially verse 3
  5. Come unto Jesus H117
  6. Help Us, O God, to Understand CS73b
  7. Come Unto Christ (2014 Youth Music) (also Forgiveness)

“The children of Israel shall keep the sabbath… for a perpetual covenant.” (Exodus 31:12–13, 16–17)

  1. Sabbath Day H148
  2. Remember the Sabbath Day CS155
  3. *Heavenly Father, While I Pray CS23b
  4. ’Tis Sweet to Sing the Matchless Love H176 or H177, especially verse 2
  5. Gently Raise the Sacred Strain H146
  6. *When I Go to Church CS157
  7. Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning H280

Bonus song: The Sabbath Day (Croxall and Holyoak, from the October 2012 Friend magazine)

  • Sheet Music
  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any recordings of this song, which is why it isn’t part of the regular list!

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