August 2–8, 2021 Come, Follow Me Songs

“Stand Ye in Holy Places”

Doctrine and Covenants 85-87

It is good “to keep a history.” (Doctrine and Covenants 85:1–2)

  1. The Golden Plates CS86
  2. Family History—I Am Doing It CS94
  3. My Family Tree (Moffit), especially verse 3 

The Spirit speaks with a “still small voice.” (Doctrine and Covenants 85:6)

  1. I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus CS78
  2. *Listen, Listen CS107
  3. The Still Small Voice CS106
  4. The Holy Ghost CS105 
  5. *I Know My Father Lives C5, H302 
  6. Let the Holy Spirit Guide H143
  7. Our Savior’s Love H113, especially verse 2

The righteous are gathered in the last days. (Doctrine and Covenants 86)

  1. Israel, Israel God is Calling H7
  2. Now Let Us Rejoice H3
  3. Guide Me to Thee H101
  4. Arise, O Glorious Zion H40
  5. The Tenth Article of Faith CS128

 Peace is found in “holy places.” (Doctrine and Covenants 87)

  1. Home CS192, especially verse 3
  2. *When I Go to Church CS157 
  3. I Love to See the Temple CS95 
  4. God Is in His Holy Temple H132
  5. Holy Places (DeFord)

*These songs are especially appropriate for young children. For a topical index of more Primary Songs that are great for young children, see the Ideas page.

For suggestions about how to use this music list, see the Ideas page.

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