December 30, 2019 – January 5, 2020 Come, Follow Me Songs

“Another Testament of Jesus Christ”

Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon

General Introduction to the Book of Mormon

  1. Book of Mormon Stories CS118
  2. The Books in the Book of Mormon CS119

The Book of Mormon can strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ

  1. Had I Been a Child CS80
  2. This is My Beloved Son CS76
  3. The Iron Rod H274
  4. If I Listen With My Heart (additional children’s songs)

The Plan of Salvation

  1. I Lived in Heaven CS4
  2. I Will Follow God’s Plan CS164
  3. Now We’ll Sing with One Accord H25 (also Faith and Miracle)

I can be a witness of the Book of Mormon

  1. I Want to Be a Missionary Now CS168 (especially v. 2)
  2. The Eighth Article of Faith CS127
  3. Thy Holy Word H279 (especially v. 3)

The coming forth of the Book of Mormon was a miracle

  1. An Angel Came to Joseph Smith CS86 (also Faith and Plan)
  2. The Golden Plates CS86
  3. On a Golden Springtime CS88 (also Plan)
  4. An Angel from on High H13

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