January 13-19, 2020 Come, Follow Me Songs

Tree of Life from Lehi's dream with the rod of iron and the river

“Come and Partake of the Fruit”

1 Nephi 8-10

The word of God leads me to the Savior and helps me feel His love. Invite others to feel His love.
1. I Feel My Savior’s Love CS74
2. Seek the Lord Early CS108 (also Reveal and Commandments)
3. This is My Beloved Son CS76 (especially verse 4)
4. The Iron Rod H274 (also Reveal)
5. Thy Holy Word H279 (also Reveal)

Why did Nephi make two sets of plates?
6. The Golden Plates CS86

Ancient prophets testified of Christ
7. Follow the Prophet CS110
8. Book of Mormon Stories CS118
9. Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah

God will reveal truth to me if I diligently seek it
10. Tell Me, Dear Lord CS176
11. If with All Your Hearts CS15
12. Let the Holy Spirit Guide H143 (also Spiritually Clean)

Follow commandments/promptings, even when you don’t fully understand
13. Nephi’s courage CS120
14. Faith CS96
15. Lead, Kindly Light H97
16. Dearest Children, God is Near You H96 (also Spiritually Clean)

Being spiritually clean
17. When I Am Baptized CS103
18. A Young Man Prepared CS166
19. More Holiness Give Me H131
20. While of These Emblems We Partake H173, H174

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