June 20–26, 2022 Come, Follow Me Songs

“Thy Kingdom Shall Be Established for Ever”

2 Samuel 5–7; 11–12; 1 Kings 3; 8; 11

The Lord can give me direction. (2 Samuel 5:17–25)

  1. Seek The Lord Early CS108
  2. The Still Small voice CS106 (also Discernment)
  3. Let the Holy Spirit Guide H143 (also Discernment)
  4. I Hear His Voice (2017 Youth Album)
  5. Hear Him (2021 Youth Single)

I should always be on guard against sin. (2 Samuel 11; 12:1–14)

  1. Jesus is My True Light (December 2009 Friend)
  2. Nephi’s Courage CS120, especially verse 3 (also Direction)
  3. The Iron Rod H274, especially verses 2-3 (also Centered)
  4. More Holiness Give Me H131 

The gift of discernment helps me distinguish between right and wrong. (1 Kings 3:1–15)

  1. Choose the Right H239
  2. Dare to Do Right CS158 
  3. The Holy Ghost CS105 (also Direction)

The temple is the house of the Lord. (1 Kings 8:12–61)

  1. Holy Temples on Mount Zion H289
  2. How Beautiful Thy Temples, Lord H288
  3. We Love Thy House, O God H247
  4. I Love to See the Temple CS95

I can keep my heart centered on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. (1 Kings 11:9–11)

  1. I’m Trying to be Like Jesus CS78 (also Guard)
  2. I’ll Follow Him in Faith
  3. I Will Be Valiant CS162
  4. I Will Walk with Jesus

*These songs are especially appropriate for young children. For a topical index of more Primary Songs that are great for young children, see the Ideas page.

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