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June 22-28, 2020 Come, Follow Me Songs

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“I Will Make an Instrument of Thee”

Alma 17-22

As most of the topics for this week center around sharing the gospel, many of the songs are really interchangeable from one category to another.

As I strengthen my own faith, I can more effectively share the gospel (Alma 17:1-4)

  1. Thy Holy Word H279 
  2. I Want to Be a Missionary Now CS168

I can be an instrument in God’s hands to bring salvation to His children (Alma 17:6-12)

  1. Thy Servants Are Prepared H261
  2. *I Hope They Call Me on a Mission CS169

I can help others prepare to receive the gospel (Alma 17-18)

  1. Help Me Teach with Inspiration H281 
  2. The Things I Do CS170, especially verse 4

My testimony can have a far-reaching influence (Alma 18-22)

  1. I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go H270
  2. We’ll Bring the World His Truth CS172 (also Gospel)

I must learn and teach the basic principles of the gospel: the Godhead, Plan of Salvation, etc. (Alma 18:24-39)

  1. Go Forth with Faith H263
  2. *I Am a Child of God CS2 or H301
  3. How Will They Know? CS182
  4. I Lived in Heaven CS4

Stand up for what is right (Alma 20:8-15)

  1. God Speed the Right H106
  2. Let Us All Press On H243
  3. Dare to Do Right CS158
  4. I’ll Walk With You CS140
  5. Stand for the Right CS159

What am I willing to give up to know God more fully? (Alma 22:15-18)

  1. Lead Me into Life Eternal H45
  2. Savior, Redeemer of My Soul H112, especially verse 3
  3. Tell Me, Dear Lord CS176

*These songs are especially appropriate for young children. For a topical index of more Primary Songs that are great for young children, see the Ideas page.

For suggestions about how to use this music list, see the Ideas page.

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