The resurrected Christ visits the people of the Americas

March 29-April 4, 2021 Come, Follow Me Songs

“I Am He Who Liveth, I Am He Who Was Slain”


Jesus Christ Lives.  (Doctrine and Covenants 29:5; 38:7; 62:1; 76:11-14, 20-24; 110:1-10)

  1. *Did Jesus Really Live Again? CS64
  2. Jesus Has Risen CS70
  3. Jesus, Once of Humble Birth H196
  4. He Is Risen! H199 (also Resurrected)
  5. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today H200
  6. I Know That My Redeemer Lives H136 
  7. I Believe in Christ H134

Because of Jesus Christ, I will be resurrected. (Doctrine and Covenants 29:26-27; 42:45-46; 63:49; 88:14-17, 27-31; 93:33-34)

  1. He Died That We Might Live Again CS65
  2. Hosanna CS66
  3. Easter Hosanna CS68
  4. On a Golden Springtime CS88, verse 2
  5. I Lived in Heaven CS4, verse 3 
  6. That Easter Morn H198 
  7. Savior, Redeemer of My Soul H112

Jesus Christ accomplished a “perfect atonement.” (Doctrine and Covenants 18:10-13; 19:16-19; 45:3-5; 76:69-70)

  1. *Help Us, O God, to Understand CS73
  2. He Died! The Great Redeemer Died! H192
  3. I Stand All Amazed H193
  4. There Is a Green Hill Far Away H194
  5. How Great the Wisdom and the Love H195
  6. O Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown H197 (also Resurrected)

*These songs are especially appropriate for young children. For a topical index of more Primary Songs that are great for young children, see the Ideas page.

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