May 23–29, 2022 Come, Follow Me Songs

“Be Strong and of a Good Courage”

Joshua 1–8; 23–24

God will be with me if I am faithful to Him. (Joshua 1)

  1. How Firm a Foundation H85, especially verse 3
  2. Let Us All Press On H243 
  3. Nephi’s Courage CS120 (also Salvation, Obedience)
  4. Be Strong (2010 Youth Theme)

Both faith and works are necessary for salvation. (Joshua 2)

  1. I Will Go and Do (2019 Youth Album) (also Faithful)
  2. As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days H256 (also Faithful)
  3. I’ll Follow Him in Faith (also Faithful)
  4. Faith CS96 (also Wonders)

I can experience God’s “wonders” if I have faith in Jesus Christ. (Joshua 3–4)

  1. Redeemer of Israel H6
  2. The Miracle (from the Friend)
  3. God Moves in a Mysterious Way H285
    • Listen (Jake Hansen, Instrumental)
  4. I Believe in Christ H134

Obedience brings God’s power into my life. (Joshua 6–8)

  1. Jesus is My True Light (December 2009 Friend)
  2. Choose the Right H239
  3. I’m Trying to be Like Jesus CS78 (also Kind)
  4. Do what is right H237

“Cleave unto the Lord your God.” (Joshua 23–24)

  1. How Great Thou Art H86 (not available online due to copyright)
  2. I Will Be Valiant CS162
  3. I Will Follow God’s Plan CS164 (also Obedience)
  4. If with All Your Hearts CS15 

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