Christ with the Nephites

October 12-18, 2020 Come, Follow Me Songs

“Ye Are the Children of the Covenant”

3 Nephi 20-26

In the latter days, God will perform a great and marvelous work. (3 Nephi 20–22)

  1. I Wonder When He Comes Again CS82, especially verse 2
  2. The Tenth Article of Faith CS128
  3. Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel H252
  4. As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days H256
  5. Faith in Every Footstep

The Savior wants me to search the words of the prophets. (3 Nephi 20:10–12; 23; 26:1–12)

  1. Search, Ponder, and Pray CS109 (also Records)
  2. Scripture Power
  3. As I Search the Holy Scriptures H277 (also Merciful)
  4. Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love H271
  5. Thy Holy Word H279 (also Records)

God is merciful to those who return to Him. (3 Nephi 22; 24)

  1. Repentance CS98
  2. Help Me, Dear Father CS99, verse 2
  3. Come unto Jesus H117
  4. Lean on My Ample Arm H120

*The Lord asks us to keep records. (3 Nephi 23:6–13)

  1. The Golden Plates CS86
  2. Family History—I Am Doing It CS94

*Paying tithing brings blessings. (3 Nephi 24:7–18)

  1. We Give Thee But Thine Own H218
  2. I’m Glad to Pay a Tithing CS150

My heart should turn to my ancestors. (3 Nephi 25:5–6)

  1. Turn Your Hearts H291
  2. Truth from Elijah CS90

*These songs are especially appropriate for young children. For a topical index of more Primary Songs that are great for young children, see the Ideas page.

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