March 16-22, 2020 Come, Follow Me Songs

The Lord Labors with Us

Jacob 5-7

Jesus Christ is the Lord of the vineyard

  1. Great King of Heaven H63
  2. Rejoice, the Lord Is King! H66
  3. Sing Praise to Him H70 (also Mercy)
  4. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty H72 (also Mercy)
  5. Arise, O God, and Shine H265
  6. Beautiful Savior CS62, especially verses 1 & 3

God invites me to help Him gather His children

  1. Now We’ll Sing with One Accord H25, especially verses 1 & 4 (also Vineyard)
  2. Arise, O Glorious Zion H40 (also Faith and Mercy)
  3. Thy Servants Are Prepared H261
  4. Go Forth with Faith H263
  5. We’ll Bring the World His Truth CS172
  6. I Want to Be a Missionary Now CS168

I can stand strong when others challenge my faith

  1. True to the Faith H254 (also Mercy)
  2. As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days H256
  3. Stand for the Right CS159
  4. I Will Be Valiant CS162

God extends mercy so we can repent and come unto Him

  1. Reverently and Meekly Now H185
  2. Come unto Jesus H117
  3. He Sent His Son CS34
  4. Help Me, Dear Father CS99, verse 2

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